Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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"People are so afraid of pain. Terrified of falling or failing. Terrified of the break. Terrified of picking up the pieces. That is why we don't try. That is why we don't put ourselves out there or really live. But we only fear pain, and breaks and wounds, because we rely on ourselves to heal them. If we truly believed that no matter how broken, how much pain, or how deep the wound, we could run to the Healer, we would no longer be so afraid to try, to risk, to feel. To live. And that would look like courage."
-quoted from Yasmin Mogahed  

With lots of love, butterflybuddy!
Ihfazillah yahfazka
6 Januari 2016 | 6.00pm

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Ainin Zamri said...

salam kak.. mintak izin nak share entri


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