Wednesday, May 8, 2013

road to final exam...

Final exam is around the corner 
(sedar x sedar, final exam dah dekat, tinggal 3 minggu sahaja lagi!!!) 

Jadual Final Exam Sem 2 2012/2013

25/05/13 (2.30pm) : Learning Process and Scpecial Needs
27/05/13 (2.30pm) : Counseling in Communication Disorders
31/05/13 (9.00am) : Philosophy of Sciences
01/06/13 (9.00am) : Psychoacoustics and Basic Audiometry
02/06/13 (9.00am) : Anatomy, Physiology and Neurology for Audiology 
03/06/13 (9.00am) : Screening For Impaired Hearing
04/06/13 (9.00am) : Paediatrics Audiology
05/06/13 (9.00am) : Critical Thinking in Health Care

Cemerlang akademik adalah satu amanah, akan kusahut cabaran ini!

Good luck for the final exam.
Dengan lafaz 
Let's do our best!

Ihfazillah yahfazka
8th May 2013

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