Monday, July 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum and good morning to all my followers.
Sihatkah anda???
Saya doakan anda semua dalam keadaan sihat walafiat di samping keluarga tercinta.

Talking about CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA, I think there’s many beautiful places in Malaysia come in your mind right now.
Cameron Highlands
Langkawi Island
Pulau Perhentian
Genting Highlands
Port Dickson
And many mores…

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to be a traveller. I love to travel a lot. Dalam kajian yang dijalankan oleh Dr Fadzillah Kamsah, individu yang lahir pada bulan Mei tidak suka duduk di rumah. He is right. Travelling gives me the greatest happiness in my life.

Why do you like travelling???
I love to travel for a number of reasons.

FIRST, I enjoy taking pictures and pictures again.
I stop at the hill to admire the scenery.
I stay at the seaside at least once a year.
I travel up to the cool highlands.
I love nature so much.

SECOND, I like to travel is because I am curious about how people live.
I would like to experience for myself the cultures of different peoples.
I want to try everything they do
 BUT of course it’s based on the principle of ISLAM.

THIRD, I like to travel is because I enjoy meeting people and making friends.
I would like to have friends from as many different countries as possible.
Am I greedy???
I love talking and sharing ideas on all kinds of issues especially in tourism.
If you like to talk about tourism with me, come with me!!!

I want to share with all of you some spectacular scenery in Malaysia.
Cameron Highlands is one of the highest rating places that I have visited.
 There are many places to go…
Enjoying the cool, refreshing air in the top of hills
Taking pictures of different kinds of flowers
Cooking fresh vegetables
Eating strawberry chocolate and ice-cream
Buying souvenirs

inilah pokok strawberi!!! i like~

tea plantations~

love flowers so much~

antara bunga-bunga yang dijual di deretan kedai~

cantik tak bunga ini???

antara deretan kedai di Cameron Highlands...

kepada puan-puan dan tuan-tuan, jangan rambang mata ye~
kerana saya sudah rambang mata dengan souvenir di sini...

Desa Anthurium~

Pulau Langkawi also is the best place to travel
The chocolate lover will grab this opportunity to buy chocolate.
Pulau Langkawi is also known as “Syurga Membeli-belah”.
There are many souvenirs – keychain, t-shirt and many mores.
Nasihat untuk anda: sediakan duit yang cukup dan jangan rambang mata especially women as they’re like to buy and buy again. Like me too???

helang besar menyambut kedatangan anda apabila tiba di Jeti Kuah~

di Jeti Kuah~

feri yang membawa anda ke Pulau Langkawi~

lautan feri dan kapal~

 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.
A beach and holiday destination
Best moment with my family~

waktu senja di pantai.
Subhanallah, indahnya ciptaan tuhan.

pemandangan dari bilik hotel 
jam 7.00 pagi
sungguh damai~

 Putrajaya is the federal administrative centre of Malaysia.


My dream is to visit every continent on the Earth.
When I getting my salaries, I want to visit
It would be such a great memories, I know.

“Dan bumi Allah itu luas (untuk berhijrah).” –Surah Az-Zumar:10

You created everything
We belong to You
Ya Robb we raise our hands
Forever we thank You..

till then.
to be continued...
watching halaqah sentuhan qalbu now~

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